Small and Medium Sized Practitioners Committee






Our Mandate

The primary roles of the SMP Committee are to address issues affecting Small and Medium Practitioners, be champions for changes including exerting influence on other stakeholders and to make recommendations to Council.

Our Members


Renee-Lisa Phillip


  • Lucyann Henry
  • Atiba Caddle
  • Tosca James
  • Russell Murray

Vice Chairman

Christopher Ramjit


  • Nalini Suratsingh
  • Jason Ali
  • Jiselle Renaud

SMP listing

Aegis & Co.
Aegis Business Solutions Limited
Avind .L. Mungalsingh & CO
Accounting Matters Limited
Ali Omardeen & Co.
Accounting Outsourcing Consultants
MOORE Stephens Trinidad & Tobago
Alan Ramoutar & Co.
BDO Chartered Accountants
Brian Fletcher & CO
Bob Gopee & Associates
Bertram Hadaway & Company Ltd
B Moonoo & Company
Business Pro Limited
Bhesham Singh & Company
Baker Tilly Montano Ramcharitar
Connect Accountancy Services Limited
Claude Bharath & Co.
Camacho Boyce & Associate
Cummings Chartered Accts & Mngt Con
CR Next Generation Chartered Accoutants
HLB Montgomery & Co.
D. Bachoo & Company Ltd
Dinesh Jokhoo Chartered Accountants
DSB Financial Solutions Limited
DSSR & Company Ltd
Equity Chartered Accountants
Felicia Hosein & Company Chartered Acc.
Garison & Co. Limited
Hakeem Ahmad & Co.
Herbert S Lalsingh & Co
I. A. Ali & Associates
J.De Silva & Associates Ltd
JCA Management & Consulting Srvs. Ltd
Jeewan Mangroo & Company
Keystone Audit & Assurance Services


For a Full listing of ICATT Registered Firms please visit 

Krishna Seegobin & Company
L. Dookiesingh & Company
Mumtaz Ali & Company
Marwa Accounting Consultants
Mohammed Belmonte & Associates
Michael Lee Kim & Company
Maharaj, Mohammed & Company
Nalika Arumugadasan & Co.
Grant Thornton Orbit Solutions
Pardassie Chartered Accountants
Robby Bhola & Associates
R.S. Baboolal & Co.
Hardys Chartered Accountants
Ritchie Chadee & Co.
Ravi Maharaj & Associates
R. Ramlakhan & Co
R. Ramsaran & Company
R. Ramdass & Company
Richard Roach Services Ltd
Reical Service Limited
Shahamad Ali & Associates Ltd
Spectrum Accounting & Management Soluti
S. Budhu and Associates
Scimitar Business Solutions Ltd
Sinanan Dass & Associates
Shaffick Hosein & Co.
Shirley Jack
Sat Sharma and Co.
Trujillo & Associates
Voiage Consulting Ltd.
Vishnu D.K Musai & Co
Vistar Financial Services
Vishnu Maharaj and Company
VR Accounting Services Ltd
W. Mohammed &Co Audit Assurance Ltd
W. Mohammed & Company Chartered ACCT.



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Our Toolkit


The SMP committee toolkit includes the tools and resources utilized within the profession.

Here you can find resources on starting a business, professional indemnity insurance (PII), A model Practice Continuity agreement and Technical resources.








Disclaimer: These FAQs are designed to assist practitioners with frequently asked questions and are not intended to be a substitute for practitioners referring to the ICATT Rules and Regulations relating to the particular topic. A practitioner should utilize the responses in light of their professional judgment and the facts and circumstances involved in each particular situation. ICATT disclaims any responsibility or liability that may occur directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the use and application of these FAQs.

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