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Our Mandate

The purpose Professional Accountants in Business Committee is to reach out to, and serve the professional accountants in Trinidad and Tobago, who work in industry, commerce, education, public sector and non-profit organizations. This committee focuses on exposing  professional accountants to global developments, good practice guidance and knowledge sharing that will enhance the role and domain of professional accountants in business.

Our Members


Dianne Mano

  • Sheree Welch
  • Wayne Diaz 
  • Michelle Newallo

Vice Chairman

Keith André Mills

  • Osben Cuffie 
  • Prakash Ramoutar 
  • Bernadette Sammy 

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Our Toolkit

The Professional Accountants in Business Toolkit includes all resources for accounting professionals.






Disclaimer: These FAQs are designed to assist practitioners with frequently asked questions and are not intended to be a substitute for practitioners referring to the ICATT Rules and Regulations relating to the particular topic. A practitioner should utilize the responses in light of their professional judgment and the facts and circumstances involved in each particular situation. ICATT disclaims any responsibility or liability that may occur directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the use and application of these FAQs.


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