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Member Residing Overseas (MRO)

“Member Resident Outside of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago” describes a member who otherwise satisfies membership criteria but resides outside of Trinidad and Tobago for a period/(s) in excess of 12 months and has opted to have their status changed accordingly;

Updated: January 21, 2021

Achoy Wilton
Alfred Marlon
Alfred Karyl
Attong Marcus
Barden Elizabeth Monica
Bickramsingh Kalawatee
Brown Lennox D.
Chatergoon Anil
Chin Amelia
Chinafat Annie
Clapham Curtis Kerry
Dilbar Zaffoora Zena
Durgah Lallitah
Dyer Russell V
Edwards Trevor
Francis Jineele
Gomez Garvin C.
Hodges David
Hussein Mary L.
Kuarsingh Varuna Ravindra
Mahabir Gaitri
Mahabir Harideo
Nicholas-Camacho Martha
Nkrumah Nehanda
Oliver Swaratsingh Denise M.
Potella Michael
Rafeeq Atash Afzal
Ragoonanan Stacey
Ramjattan Puran
Roach Stacey R.A.
Samaroo Dave
Samuels Kessia
Seereeram Indrani
Shillingford-Stewart Eugenia
Simmonds-Bourne Ann Marie
Solomon Joseph
Tsoi-A-Sue Ken
Valley Shirvan G.

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