Application for Membership

Before completing this form, applicants should read carefully the rules of membership, which can be found on our website . This form must be completed by first time applicants for ICATT membership or by persons seeking membership on a reciprocal basis.



In this section, applicants must provide details of employment and approved accountancy experience*. Please list the last three employers beginning with the most recent.

You must meet the requisite Approved Accountancy Experience.

* “Approved Accountancy Experience” means completed training of at least 3,000 hours over a minimum of 3 years, but a maximum of 5 years in the office of a practising accountant or in a responsible position in commerce, industry or government service or any combination thereof, provided that the individual has satisfied the Council as to his/her professional attainment or experience.


Any member who undertakes work within ICATT’s definition of public practice must hold a Practising or Auditing Certificate from ICATT. Follow this link for the definition for Public Practice.

Please indicate whether you sign or produce any accounts or report(s) or certificate or tax return (s) concerning the financial affairs of any persons or organisations that may be relied upon by a third party.

If you ticked “Audit clients” or both “Audit clients” and “Non-audit clients”, please apply for an Auditing Certificate.
If you ticked only “Non-audit clients”, please apply for a Practising Certificate.

If yes, please follow the link to the guidance notes on supervising principal and accredited supervising principal.


**Refused to issue you with a licence or revoked, cancelled, accepted surrender of, suspended, or refused to renew a professional license/certificate held by you now or previously, or ever fined, censured, reprimanded or otherwise disciplined you.


I confirm that I have read the Notes at the end of this section and I declare that:

In signing the ICATT Application for Membership Form, I confirm that I will abide by the provisions of the ICATT Rules and Regulations 2018, the Code of Ethics, and relevant standards as adopted by ICATT (and/or any subsequent regulations replacing or amending, in full or part, these regulations)

I have met the ethical, educational and experience requirements and have provided evidence of this in the required manner and format.

I understand that my Application for Membership may be refused if I have not demonstrated that my experience and knowledge are up to date.

I will use the designation ‘Chartered Accountant’ and the designatory letters ‘CA’ only while I remain a member of ICATT.

I understand that if I engage in any public practice activities as defined by the Rules of ICATT, I will need to hold an ICATT auditing or practising certificate.

I acknowledge my duty to the public to ensure that the quality of my knowledge and service is maintained after qualification; I therefore accept my responsibility to undertake adequate continuing professional development.

I agree to pay the membership fees as prescribed and understand that I will be invoiced for this amount on the approval of my membership application. I am aware that a failure to pay sums due to ICATT by January 1 of each year may lead to my removal from the Register of Members.

I have included everything ICATT needs to know, and there is nothing else I should bring to ICATT’s attention at the present time.
The information provided in this form is true, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I understand that a false declaration on this form may lead to disciplinary action against me and/or may invalidate any decision related to the application.


The ICATTs Rules and Regulations 2018, the Code of Ethics, and/or any relevant standards as adopted by ICATT set out the details of the events which could lead to disciplinary action. These events include (but are not limited to) the following: Incompetence in carrying out work; breach of ICATT’s Rules or Regulations; disciplinary action against you by another professional body or regulator; bankruptcy or insolvency; failure to satisfy a judgment debt without reasonable excuse within three months; criminal conviction and/or caution; civil finding of acting fraudulently or dishonestly as a party or witness in civil proceedings; misconduct – this includes (but is not limited to) any act or omission which brings, or is likely to bring, discredit to you, a relevant firm, ICATT or the accountancy profession.


A completed application must be supported by two (2) recommendations and each recommender must provide a copy of a form of identification. Please only upload the completed section of the form. Printable section available here Print Declaration Section

*Approved IFAC member body:
Chartered Professional Accountants OF Canada
Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland
American Institute of Certified Public Accountant
Association of International Accountants
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Such other bodies of accountants as may from time to time be recommended by the Council.


The Annual Subscription is due by January 2nd of each year immediately following registration. Membership Subscription Payments $770.00 Vat Exclusive
  • Linx payments are made at ICATT Office only.
  • Bank Draft / Cheque (Please make cheque or bank draft payable to ICATT).
  • Bank Deposit FCB A/C# 015006099670 (Place your name & reg. no. is on the receipt and be faxed to 627-7087)
  • Online Banking via First Citizens Bank Limited or ICATT online payment at

Upon successful submission you will be redirected to a new page with the message “Your form was successfully submitted. Thank you for contacting us.”

Online Payments Accepted

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