ICATT’s webinar: CFO to CEO


Event Summary

Registration Deadline:            March 31, 2021
Delivery:                                     Virtual
Length:                                      1hr 15mins   
CPD:                                           1hr


Course Overview

It is not only common, but also predictable that the CFO will be tapped for the CEO position. Although the CFO is knowledgeable about the organisation, what new responsibilities and expanded skill set are required to be a CEO? From brand management, ownership expectations, to public exposure, how can you be better prepared?


Attendees will be able to

Understand how the responsibilities and roles of CEO are different from CFO. How the view of stakeholders has changed in the CEO position and how to move the entire organisation to accomplish goals.

PDF version of flyer for download (Will be forwarded at a later date)


Presenters for webinar:

o       Stuart Benton, CPA, CGMA, President & CEO, Bradford Soaps

o       Anoop Mehta, CPA, President, Science Systems and Applications, Inc.

o       John Salveson, Co-founder & Principle, Salveson Stetson Group, Inc.



Cost: $400.00 (VI)

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