2014-10-14/15: Annual International Finance and Accounting Conference 2014





Thank you for your interest and/or participation in our event.  

Our conference brochure and presentations that were viewed at the Conference is available below for your benefit.

Please also view some of our photographs from the Conference at http://icatt.org/system/category/event-pictures/  or on our Facebook profile at https://www.facebook.com/icatt.tt/photos_albums




Please click here for a copy of the ICATT Annual International Finance & Accounting Conference Brochure 2014.

The brochure includes Messages from the ICATT President – Ms. Pria Narinesingh, ICATT Conference Chairman – Mr. Derek Mohammed and ICAC President – Mr. Frank Myers, ICATT Council Members, ICATT Committee Members, Speaker and Panellist Profiles, Conference Agenda, Sponsor and Purchased Advertisements and Acknowledgements.



Please click on the following links:

ICATT Conference Agenda – DAY 1 14.10.14  for a copy of the conference agenda for Tuesday 14th October 2014

Opening Remarks by Derek Mohammed – Partner, Deloitte and Conference Chairman

Welcome Remarks by Pria Narinesingh – Partner, EY and President, ICATT

Feature Address by Sen. The Hon. Vasant Bharath, Minister of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications

Presentation: Transforming Organisations through ICT by Larry Quinlan – Head of Technology, Deloitte

Presentation: IFRS 15 – Revenue Recognition, An Overview by Christopher Hornby – Partner, KPMG  & Marissa Quashie – Director, KPMG

Presentation: Becoming Massy – Organizational Change and Brand Strategy by David O’Brien – Executive Vice President & Executive Chairman, Automotive & Industrial Equipment Business Unit, Massy Group

ICATT Conference Agenda – DAY 2 15.10.14 for a copy of the conference agenda for Wednesday 15th October, 2014.

Address: Protecting Your Procurement Process – Prevalent Fraudulent Schemes and Mitigation Strategy by Scott Clary – Principal, Forensic Technology & Discovery Services

Forensic Analytics: Using Data to Prevent and Detect Fraud by Scott Clary – Principal, Forensic Technology & Discovery Services

Presentation: Accountant vs Auditor: Clarifying Roles by Stacy-Ann Golding – Partner, KPMG & Gregory Spicer – Group Chief Financial Officer, SM Jaleel and Company Ltd

Presentation: Leading and Empowering Millennials by Anne M. Donovan – US Human Capital Transformation Leader, PwC


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