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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago regulates the practice of accountancy in Trinidad & Tobago. The Institute authorizes  the use of the Accountancy designation  “CA” to members.  When you become a member, you become certified to practice as a Chartered Accountant.

 The Value in ICATT Membership

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad and Tobago (ICATT) has been bringing accountants together for more than fifty years.  Our members are well-placed in every major business both private and public and their skills as Chartered Accountants strengthen the national economy.  ICATT is the regulatory body responsible for the training, development and sustainability of our members. We do this through education and adherence to global standards of practice and ethics in the public interest.

Membership means belonging to a network of fellow professionals meeting voluntarily to share learnings, opportunities for personal development and advancement. We provide value to members at every stage of their careers by promoting, recognising and protecting their designations as well as keeping them connected with peers who are well-placed in every industry.

Member Benefits

Every ICATT Member:

  • Earns the highly regarded “CA” designation to be added to credentials after your name. When you become a Member, you become ICATT-certified to practice as a Chartered Accountant; only ICATT can bestow this designation to Trinidad and Tobago practitioners.
  • Has portable credentials and potential job security. Chartered Accountants (CA) are essential, sought after and highly paid professionals across the world.
  • Enjoys professional recognition.  Employers see ICATT membership as a key element which ensures them that their employees undertake continuous relevant learning and are bound by a code of ethical practice. Has an opportunity to serve on committees of ICATT and the boards and audit committees of state and other companies with whom we partner.

To join our community of professionals and take advantage of these benefits and much more, apply for membership TODAY by submitting your application to

[email protected] or call us at 1-868-623-8000

Member Not in Practice

An Application for Membership  for persons who do not intend to be in public practice must be completed by non-members, by former members who were delisted for more than 3 years or by members of another Institute seeking membership on a reciprocal basis.  Applications must be submitted via the ICATT website hereThe form requires a clear statement of relevant experience and must be accompanied by two (2) references, at least one of whom is a member of ICATT in good standing  and payment online of the requisite fees.

To apply person one must be:-

  • over the age of 18
  • a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, a resident of Trinidad and Tobago under the Immigration Act, a citizen of CARICOM or one who qualifies for reciprocal membership
  • one who has passed such examination as may from time to time be prescribed by the Council, and can show to the satisfaction of Council that he has the approved accountancy experience, and has satisfied the Council of his having fulfilled the conditions made by Council from time to time;
  • who is a member in good standing of an IFAC member body approved by Council and has satisfied the Council of his having fulfilled the conditions made by Council from time to time.
  • “Approved Accountancy Experience” means completed training of at least 3,000 hours over a minimum of 3 years, but a maximum of 5 years in the office of a practising accountant or in a responsible position in commerce, industry or government service or any combination thereof, provided that the individual has satisfied the Council as to his professional attainment or experience.

Qualifications by the following bodies are considered by the Council of ICATT as meeting our requirements:

(i) The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. (ICAEW)

(ii) The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland (ICAS)

(iii) The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland (ICAI)

(iv) The provincial Institute of Chartered Accountants in Canada (CMA)

(v) The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA)

(vi) The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

(vii) The Association of International Accountants (AIA)

(viii) The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

(viiii) The Chartered Professional Accountants Canada – (CPA Canada: comprises the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia (ICANS), the Certified General Accountants of Nova Scotia (CGA Nova Scotia) and the Certified Management Accountants of Nova Scotia (CMA Nova Scotia)

Such other bodies of Accountants as may from time to time be recommended by the Council and approved by the Institute in general meeting.




Member in Practice

No Member shall carry on public practice in Trinidad and Tobago unless he holds a Practising Certificate which authorises the carrying on of the activity in question.  A member shall be eligible for a Practising Certificate (Audit or Non-Audit) issued by ICATT’s Licensing Committee where: 

  • he is sufficiently qualified to conduct public practice in accordance with Regulation 7
  • he is fit and proper within the meaning of Regulation 9 
  • he holds the necessary PII, if applicable, in accordance with Regulation 10
  • he has made arrangements for the continuity of his practice in accordance with Regulation 12 where applicable; and 
  • he undertakes to be bound by the Chartered Accountants’ Practising Regulations as adopted by Council from time to time. 

The Licensing Committee may only issue a Practising or Auditing Certificate to an applicant who is fit and proper as determined by the Committee.

For further information on all aspects of the regulations and qualifications, please click here

Click here to apply for a Practicing Certificate - Non Audit

Click here to apply for an Auditing Certificate